The face behind the


Amberly Jeffrey mom of four, coffee connoisseur, and Jesus enthusiast, and your new best friend + photographer + elopement planner!

If I said 'it's more than just photos' that would be cliche but...

It is!

Oathbound Elopements

Oathbound Elopements is dedicated to helping Christian couples find their own way and plan a wedding day that speaks boldly about who they are and what their love story is all about. Giving couples the freedom to dream about what their wedding day could be and shake off all the thoughts about what the world thinks it should be.

The Brand Story

Oathbound Elopements is a growing passion project. I started my photography business going on four years ago as a way to explore what God had in store for me. As I have grown and traveled around with couples just like you, shooting elopements in all these really cool places, I have found myself seeking more adventure and more love stories.

I believe each love story is uniquely crafted by God, and by turning inward and being true to our adventurous souls we can create an epic wedding day.

My greatest goal is to inspire Christian couples to step out of the norm and go against the grain. Giving couples the freedom to dive into a wedding day that celebrates all the uniqueness they share and tells their love story in the most authentic way.

Goodbye to boring and monotonous traditions, Hello to adventure, exploration, passion, and epic views!

We dont want boring. we want you!

She took all the pressure off of me and the end result was beyond my expectation. She is an amazing person and is very gifted in her talents. I would highly recommend Amberly Kay as your photographer and would recommend her to another couple. 

- Rick

The Me Story

I’m on a journey of finding myself in Christ. Learning more everyday about who He says I am, and the life He has planned for me. In doing that I have come from a life of many struggles, and I think if I can give a little piece of myself to the couples I work with, maybe I can help them grow too.

I lost my father six years ago to brain cancer, and everything I thought I knew about life was flipped upside down. Then, when my daughter's father passed away, that happened all over again. I learned quickly just how much of my life I had taken for granted, or missed all together, because I just wasn’t living.

I stopped living for all the people around me, and started looking inward and doing things that helped me feel more alive and less like a shell of a person. I moved to Montana and picked up photography for the very first time.

As I grew as a photographer, I looked around at the wedding scene and saw so many people doing things just because the people in their lives wanted them to, rather than having a day that breathed life into them. I set out to change that, and here we are.

I want to help couples have the wedding day that I wish I had!

We want you to be a part of our story!

The Experience

Working with a photographer and team that not only believes in your right to dream about a better wedding day, but has dedicated themselves to helping you live it...that can really change everything!

First, Jesus.
Second, Experience.
Third, the photos.

Staying true to out beliefs and values and helping you focus on Christ.

Creating a day that feels real and authentic, and is full of things you love.

Capturing each moment beautifully so you can look back and remember them forever.

Coming out christian

The decision to come out as a 'Christian' photographer was a hard one but I'm so glad I finally did it.