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Photographer + Planner 

Montana Based Traveling Worldwide | Now booking 2024-2025 Elopements

The traditional Christian wedding doesn’t feel like you. You know you want something more authentic, more personal, something that can reflect all the best parts of you.

But what does that look like? And how do we keep Christ at the center of it all?

A Christian Elopement can give you all that and more!

For the Jesus loving adventurers

You want to...

  • Focus on intimacy
  • Explore and feed your adventurous soul
  • Turn inward and celebrate your Christ-centered love story
  • Receive a gallery of epic jaw-dropping images

Finding a photographer that feels right can be a huge task in creating the day you truly want. For you, finding a Christian Elopement Photographer can be imperative. You need someone who understands your core beliefs, cares about your love story, and can give you a gallery full of epic memories to share with all your favorite people… all while guiding you on a life changing adventure.

Yes, that sounds like us!

"She was sweet, funny, a personal hype gal, Plus, she was super organized, brought snacks and drinks, and the list goes on!"

- The Greys 

Let me help you create the day you really want!

You deserve to have a day that leaves you breathless, not hairless. Choosing to elope with me can eliminate all the stress because I will give you all the tools and resources you need to plan your adventure, and I’ll be there every step of the way!

Hey I'm Amberly!

Hey, I'm Amberly!
I am so glad you are here and I want to do everything I can to help you have a wedding day that takes your breath away and leaves you full of wonder and beautiful memories. Let's do that!

Things I do as your Christian Elopement Photographer

  • Help you discover the elopement dream living in your soul
  • Take your dreams and turn them into an authentic experience
  • Help you find the most inspiring location for your day
  • Connect you to the best local vendors with like-minds
  • Give you all the resources and guides you need to dream and create the day you deserve
  • Capture all the moments of your day both big and small
  • Deliver a captivating gallery full of all your memories

And If that's not enough, you get me, a friend forever!

The Mission.

To cultivate an atmosphere of love &  joy giving Christian couples the freedom to dream and create Christ-centered, intentionally intimate, abundantly beautiful elopements all over the world.

What does an Oathbound Elopements experience look like

  • Moments carved out just for Jesus because he is the center

  • Time to reflect and focus on your love story because that's what its all about

  • Experiences and activities hand selected and planned just for you because you are unique and your day should be too

  • Detailed tailored to you timeline for the day because no two are the same

  • Snacks, drinks, and anything you may need provided because I was raised that way

  • A gallery of true-to-life cinematic images documenting your favorite moments because I want you to relive this day forever!

By really getting to know you, what you desire, and what you need, I vow to create a wedding day that really checks all the boxes for you. 

3 Steps to your best day ever!

The process to working with me is literally so easy! 

1. Book

2. Dream

3. Adventure

It all starts with an easy inquiry. Fill out the contact form, set up your call, and book your elopement! It's as simple as inquire, sign, pay the retainer. And you're golden!

I walk you through the whole planning process with custom guides and planning templates. Together we build a day that reflects your beliefs and your love story.

It's your adventure day! We meet at your epic location with 0 stress because together we have planned everything. All thats left to do is adventure and capture the best day ever!

Sounds pretty easy let's do it!

I can't wait to hear from you and get started planning your day! So freaking exciting!

xoxo Amberly


We will be in touch soon. 

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